• Krystal Densley

"We Just Saw Goldfish!"

We’ve been learning about winter animals and their habitats and were so excited to visit our local pet store where we could see so many living animals and their habitats! We also did a scavenger hunt to find some of the items our pets might use to stay healthy and happy. It was such a great opportunity and the kids had so much fun exploring everything from cat activity centers to tiny swimming fish and crazy chameleons. Then, when it was done and we had found all the items on our list, each of the preschoolers was given a bag of Goldfish crackers to share with their families. You should have seen those little guys making connections with the crackers. It was literally mind blowing! "Goldfish store...goldfish...HEY! We just saw goldfish!! Miss Krystal, there's goldfish over here!" And off they'd run to show me the goldfish...

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